Block complete transformer substation of BKTP type. LCD Italian Quarter.

The design, manufacture and installation of a block complete transformer substation of the BKTP type was performed by ABETON on the territory of the Italian Quarter residential complex.



LCD Italian Quarter is more than three hundred houses of various formats, united in a common architectural project. The developers were inspired by bright, emotional Italy. The cottages are decorated in a classic Tuscan style. This style is popular all over the world – it is the personification of calm coziness, restrained elegance and unconditional comfort. And for the undisputed reliability and provision of the residential complex with electricity, the company ABETON took part in the development of transformer substations. To make Italian comfort even more comfortable for the residents of the complex.

Design, manufacture and installation of concrete block complete transformer substation type BKTP was performed by ABETON on the territory of the residential complex Italian Quarter.

This substation is designed to convert and distribute voltage and supply electricity to consumers through cable networks. Concrete structures are equipped with electrical equipment of various configurations for the power supply of the residential complex. The BKTP building consists of two ground three-dimensional concrete blocks and two foundation three-dimensional concrete blocks. The walls of the foundation block are covered with a special sealing composition to prevent the penetration of moisture into the BKTP.

The structure is made of high quality concrete. The thickness of the walls and the quality of the concrete guarantee strength, provide sufficient heat resistance and prevent the formation of moisture inside the substation. All elements of the product are made of non-combustible or non-combustible materials.

Thanks to the variety of architectural solutions and a wide choice of exterior walls, the substation harmoniously fit into the surrounding architecture of the residential complex.

Installation work was performed by highly qualified specialists of ABETON company. The four units of each BCTP substation were securely installed in one day. Reliability of a design, and speed of installation once again emphasizes our motto – “ABETON – the STRONG PARTNER IN CONSTRUCTION!”

Time for completion:

Place of implementation:

LCD Italian Quarter
General contractor:

Harant Enerdzhy
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Production, transport, installation