ABETON supports young champions! Congratulations on the victory of FC Phoenix!


ABETON became the sponsor of the children’s football team “Phoenix”, which won prizes at the annual football championship!

Supporting young footballers today is a significant contribution to the future of big football. The national team of Ukraine can only guess what forces are growing and growing up, and we can say with confidence that we are calm for the future of the football country!

The annual open championship among children born in 2009-2015 was recently held. – KYIV CHAMPION LEAGUE 2021, which for the fifth year in a row is held by the NGO “KYIV CHILDREN’S FOOTBALL LEAGUE”. The championship was held at a breakneck pace. The degree of tension could be felt in every game. The thirst for victory of young football players made each game an unforgettable masterpiece. The fight on the football fields lasted until the last seconds, and the winners were determined, literally, with the last whistle of the final matches of the Championship. Adrenaline was enough for everyone – and young players and many fans. The children went on summer vacation with unforgettable experiences and invaluable football experience.

As a result of crazy fights, we want to congratulate the team “Phoenix” – born in 2013. with the end of the championship, in which the young winners took part in two groups “B” and “C”. Despite the difficulties, our teams managed to win prizes and show a great game.
PFC “Phoenix” – group “B” – silver!
PFC “Phoenix-2” – group “C” – gold!

We wish the guys new victories, enjoy every game and move forward!