Annual special issue “Industrial and road construction. Concrete. Ferroconcrete”

The main theme of the special issue – “Build quickly, efficiently, using new technologies and, most importantly – modern domestic materials.”

Revealing this topic, the authors proved that the modern construction of roads with the use of innovative solutions and the latest technologies allows to provide the country with quality roads that will serve reliably for many years.

Domestic companies are actively involved in the large-scale construction of highways in Ukraine. And providing projects with their own raw materials significantly reduces the amount of investment.

ABETON – a leading national manufacturer of reinforced concrete products presented on the pages of the magazine a new product of high quality, which has no analogues in Ukraine – Abeton culverts. In general, culverts are laid under highways to allow water to pass under embankments.

The design of the culvert ensures absolute tightness when connecting the elements. And reinforced concrete products can withstand the load of road, rail and special vehicles.

The developed culvert system has indisputable advantages, provides industrialization of construction with the use of a minimum number of reinforced concrete elements. Construction time and investment are decreasing.