ABETON CONGRATULATIONS on the 32nd anniversary of the Independence of Ukraine!


“Ukraine begins with you!” – said Vyacheslav Chornovil.

From a kind word, a bold decision, a difficult choice. From responsibility, initiative, consciousness and humanity. From every “thank you”, from every smile. From a donation to the Armed Forces and from a personal contribution to the joint result.

Each of us contributes to the independence of Ukraine every day. All of us are the Abeton team, where everyone builds, develops and strengthens our state.

We thank those who made us a “free people of an independent country” on the 547th day of a full-scale war – the fighters who relentlessly put up titanic resistance. A low bow to each of them!

Strong, brave, INDEPENDENT – we continue to work on our native land under the blue-yellow flag, to build and rebuild, and to firmly hold the economic rear.

Happy 32nd anniversary of Independence of Ukraine! Let’s unite, rely on the success of joint actions, strengthen our country together and boldly move forward to victory!